Monday, June 14, 2010

Broken, Glued, and Made New

Life is full of hurt and pain. It probably would not be this way if Sin hadn't entered into it. But, also had it not, God would not have been able to show us His deep love for us. He uses pain and hurt and times of crisis to show us His power. Take for instance a piece of pottery. it is a vessel that is used to hold life giving water or the tasty sweet pleasuring thirst quincher of wine. The potter took a lump of clay, and at a very comfortable rate of speed (sometimes fast, sometimes slow depending on what he was making), spun the wheel and with his hands molded a usable vessel. Sometimes it is ornate, sometimes it is plain. But whatever it looks like, it is still usable just the same. It takes years to learn how to do this right. That is why I am not a good potter. I don't have the experience to do it, BUT somehow I still try. Do I really try to make pottery you ask? NO, but I try to do this with my own life. I try to mold myself into something usable for God at a high rate of speed. I want to be a vessel that helps give the "life giving water" of God, or one tht pours out an unexpected blessing or "treat". It usually does not turn out that way, nor does my vessel turn out looking like anything good or usable. When I am done, it is a pot that looks whop sided with no handle or spout. If God tried to put water in it, or tasty treats it would probably not even hold any. You see it was not God's rate of speed, nor God's hands that molded the vessel, it was me all on my own. And what did I get? A really big mess. SO you know what has to happen then, God allows pain and hurt and crisis to enter into my "pot" of a life, and it breaks me into a million little pieces. Then God with His caring hands can pick me up, glue me back together, but this time in an arrangement that works much better. In other words He makes me new. He mends my broken pieces and is now able to use me the way He intended in the first place. His glue, is Love. Isn't that the thing that glues most things back together?
I recently read Andy Andrews new book, "The HeartMender". It was a story of pain, hurt, anger, bitterness, and tragedy. Two people from opposite ends of the world were thrown together in a strange series of events. They were both bitter and angry about the deaths of their spouses due to the war. The good news was that God came and mended the broken hearts of those two people and allowed them to move beyond their painful past and onto a bright future filled with love and joy. I needed that reminder that God can do tht for us if we let Him.
God can do that for you too. No matter your pain, He can heal and mend your broken heart. Let Him be your "Heartmender" today.

"...Like clay in the hand of the potter, so are you in my hand..." Jeremiah 18:1-6

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