Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who is God?

Have you really ever ever thought about who God is? If you are like me, you grew up believing in God, and the things you know about Him are the things you learned in Sunday School. But is that all God is? The answer is NO! Start reading the Bible very intentionally looking for the descriptions of God we find that we would not normally think about. Our normal thoughts are of God being Almighty and Holy. And while He most certainly is Almighty and Holy, He is so much more. The other day, I had the radio on while I was cleaning and a lady was telling a story of some troublesome issue in her life, and that she started praying her "ABC list" of God. I stopped and thought "What is that?" Then she explained that she recited an alphabetical list of descriptions of God that gave her the peace she was looking for in this time of need. This list let her know that God was still in control, and I thought "wow- what a great idea" so I started a list of my own.

I came up with the normal like A- amazing, awesome, and then it hit me :Active, because God is always at work in my life.(Rom 8:28)
B- builder, God builds strong families and marriages

You see what I mean, look for the unusual. I got down to F and came up with Funny. God has a sense of humor, after all He did make some funny looking people (some of you can look at the person next to you and see what I mean) and animals. But He is also Freedom, He frees us from worry and care. He is Handy, because He is always near, just call His name and He will be there. Then He just IS! (Exod. 3:14)

The list can go on forever because you can always find something to add to it. You see God is really indescribable. Dr. Shadrach Meshach Lockridge put it best in his "Seven Way King" prayer. Look it up on the internet and you will be amazed.

So, the next time I am uneasy or restless about my very CRAZY life, I am going to learn this list and recite it. I can come up with new descriptions to add to it every time God teaches me a lesson in His character through some trial and it will give me peace and comfort that God IS and everything will be just the way He planned it. (There is another one..P- Planner Jer. 29:11).

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