Wednesday, April 28, 2010

But God

I was thinking about the word but. Do you know what it means? in Webster's dictionary, there are 14 different usage of the word. I once heard from a pretty smart guy -Dr. Phil McGraw- that the word but erases everything that was said before it. So when you say something like "I love you, BUT, " the person to whom whom you said that to only heard what came after. or you could say something like "I like that sweater on you , BUT,..." meaning you really don't like that sweater! You see what I mean? That word BUT, that one tiny 3 letter word, can change the whole meaning of a sentence.

You know what? I am glad! Why? Because we can use the word BUT when we talk about our lives and what God does. You see I was born to average everyday people who didn't know God or love him or even want to serve him, BUT God showed up anyway, and my parents received Christ as their savior and then answered a call to become ministers of the gospel. I then bacame a preacher's kid. I had a lot of very hard experiences and tough times BUT God used those lessons to teach me things that I needed to learn for the future He had in store for me. I grew up, got married, and went through 10 years of abuse of all kinds, BUT God came and delivered me. He took me and gave me safety, and blessed me with priceless gifts. I remarried, and that marriage was not as tough as the first, just mentally taxing, trying. I failed that test and made some major mistakes and very poor choices, BUT God gave me unmerited grace and forgiveness, and brought me back to where He wanted me. I am still growing and learning, and everyday hope to draw closer to Him. I thank God everyday for the BUTS in life.

Doesn't that change the story? Doesn't it change all of our stories? It should! Next time you are having a conversation, remember the word BUT. Let it transform your life and your conversation.

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