Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Working in the Bathroom

Bathroom renovations are not that fun!  It can get REAL MESSY! You have to first make sure you turn off the water sources and then have buckets to catch the dirty water still in the drains before you start undoing all the pipes and faucets. And then you find a tube of toothpaste!

In the book "The Search for Significance" the author Robert McGee talks about how we are like a tube of toothpaste. He says that when you squeeze a tube of toothpaste, you expect toothpaste to come out. And with us, situations in our lives can be the "squeezing" of our tube, and what is in our hearts is what comes out! So if we have believed that we have never been good enough, and we have always strove to work hard and succeed at everything we do just to prove that we ARE good enough, then when someone comes along who questions what we did, it brings out that defense of "so you think I am not good enough?'

I had that toothpaste experience to me this week, and what came out was not good! It definitely wasn't love! No AGAPE living here! But God is using this situations in my life to let me see where He wants to work on me and clean out my drains of the filth and gunk that has built up and clogged them. The false, negative beliefs/lies that I have about myself have to get thrown out and new pluming needs to get put in. I have to confess to God those wrong beliefs I have had and ask His forgiveness and then I have to agree with Him that I AM GOOD ENOUGH!! Why? Because His word says so! He came from Heaven to earth just to die for me and be able to spend eternity with me having a loving relationship with me! That makes me good enough! He says that "I can do all things through Him who strengthens me" Phil 4:13. That makes me good enough! So now....practice reacting to this belief! No anger, no hurt, no biting, hitting, kicking, or screaming! (and yes I do all of those..some literal and some figuratively).

Bathroom remodels take a little while...they are never a one day or even a weekend project! So I've got the bucket, and I am turning off the old water source (aka the devil who likes to feed me with all those lies), and I am handing the wrench and sledge hammer over to the master carpenter to get to work! Oh, and don't forget to throw out the old toothpaste tube!

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